February Networking

The February 15, 2023 FOCM | GLSA Networking event started out with welcoming everyone and reminding attendees of the meetings guidelines: 

  • Think of this as an open house event – drop in when you can and leave when you need to; 
  • When we have a presenter we have them start when we have assembled a good number of people – usually 10-15 minutes after the start. 
  • Presenters’ topics are not sales pitches – the focus is on an aspect of clinical trials, where their services are used and what they offer. 
  • The link to get notifications about future live and virtual events:  http://bit.ly/3UTb8hL
  • We ask everyone to put their LinkedIn link into the chat to facilitate connecting and future follow up. 

In GLSA news: it was announced that we have added PiVOT Health – a Philippines headquartered CRO and Sieve Health, (tonight’s presenter) to our list of clients.

We discussed the recent SCOPE conference and two of the attendees had attended and shared their impressions as well as opinions from others we’d talked with. Mike o’Gorman attended and said that the exhibit hall was full and busy, reminiscent of pre-Covid days. David Holland also attended and felt that the conference meeting portal was challenging as people who were replying to meeting requests did not show up. David felt that the exhibit hall was primarily filled with e-clinical exhibitors. He couldn’t find people to network with as there was a small pool of Pharma people. While in-person conference attendance is recovering from Covid shutdowns, it does appear that pharma and biotech companies are not sending as many people as they used to. Kate Findlen confirmed what David saw and Brian knows happens – anyone with a sponsor company is a target for the Business Developers, inundating them with meeting requests. 

Arati Bhosale with Sieve Health was then introduced to the group and she talked about the struggles of finding patients for clinical trials. She co-founded Sieve because of the inefficiency of finding patients for clinical trials. The time it took study coordinators wading through EMR/EHR data which was not designed for easy sorting/filtering was staggering. That drove her to find a better, more efficient way using the newest technology. The result is a reduction in the time to do this effort by around 75%. This is making sites happy as their study coordinators can better allocate their time to the trial and patient tracking. The timing of her service is important. Decentralized trials has increased the burden on study coordinators leading to burnout and turnover. 

Each of the new attendees were able to introduce themselves to the group. We then ended the meeting as there weren’t enough people to go into separate break-out rooms.  


Arati Bhosale; Sieve Health
Nadia Bracken; Clinical Project Management Consultant
Mike O’Gorman; Life Science Marketplace
Brian Langin, Diligent Health
David Holland; cMed Research
Ravi Luthra; University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Kate Findlen; Nimbus Therapeutics
Joseph Cheng; PiVOT
Cassandra Hui; Heal Mary
Duncan Shaw; DTS Language Services
Michael Young; biomedwoRx

GLSA Attendees:
Holly Cliffe
Sally Haller
Hannah Lloyd
Jordan Brown
Joe Buser
Timmina Williams
Megan Hoffman
Charity Dube
Chris Matheus

A couple snapshots from the event are below:

Screen shot #1
Screen shot #2
Screen Shot #3


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