Impressive improvements in study start-up time

A report issued in July of this year, featured the use of a Just-in-Time (JIT) approach to speed up patient enrollment in oncology clinical trials. Collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a division of PPD has been able to shorten site activation from a typical 8 months down to 2 weeks! This improves patient access to potentially life-changing therapies while speeding up the ability to evaluate treatments to conquer cancer.

The JIT approach is based on establishing a community of sites with prenegotiated contracts and terms, which provides immediate engagement by sites to search for patients. Patients are identified first, triggering the activation of sites, enabling patients to be enrolled within two weeks. As a result of the efficiencies of this process, there are zero non-enrolling sites.

This is a huge improvement. Faster startup will allow the pharma/biotech companies to more quickly assess if a drug candidate is working or not. This is a better and more efficient use of everyone involved in conducting a clinical trial, vastly improving productivity of the process.

Matheus BD Announcement

Matheus BD Connections and DSG

Matheus BD Connections, LLC is pleased to announce that it has added DSG’s eClinical suite of products including IRT, edc, eCOA, Safety, Risk-Based Monitoring, CTMS and full Clinical Data Management services to its portfolio of customers.  DSG, Inc. is a leading global eClinical provider with a fully unified suite of innovative technology solutions and data management services for the global clinical research community. DSG’s eClinical software platform provides competitive advantage that is cost-effective with on-time project delivery. DSG solutions have been used in thousands of clinical trials around the globe with our award-winning eCaseLink™ platform and eCaseLink Designer for enterprise licensing. Founded in 1992, the company is proud of its record of adding products and services in response to their customers’ needs.

Matheus BD will be acting as an independent consultant providing business development and sales services for DSG’s product and service lines.

Matheus BD Connections and Global Clinical Trials (GCT)

Matheus BD Connections, LLC is pleased to announce that it will be representing GCT –  Global Clinical Trials – a very well positioned CRO with on-the-ground coverage in Europe and India, performing clinical development services for drugs and medical devices since 2001.

GCT supports clinical research across the breadth of USA, Europe and Asia, operating in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovak Republic and India.

Matheus BD will be acting as an independent consultant providing business development, sales and promotional services to enhance GCT brand recognition.


Matheus BD Connections and BriteHealth

Matheus BD Connections, LLC is pleased to announce that it is providing business development, sales and promotional services on behalf of Brite Health (BriteHealth).

Brite Health provides an Intelligent and Personalized Patient Retention and Engagement platform for clinical trials and disease management. Brite Health’s platform is built on an artificial intelligence engine ensuring that subjects and patients receive information in the manner they prefer and that best suits their lives. Brite Health has demonstrated an improvement in trial compliance by over 3x and in data recording by over 24x.