December Networking Event

The December FOCM | GLSA Networking event started out with welcoming everyone and a review of these meetings’ agendas summarized in the paragraph below. 

For the newcomers, think of this as an open house event – drop in when you can and leave when you need to; when we have a topic and presenter we have them start when we have assembled a good number of people and that’s usually 10-15 minutes after the start. 

There were several (ahem) great looking holiday sweaters and several pets were seen on camera as well. Candy Dupree won best outfit hands down.  The link to get notifications about our future live and virtual events>>

As our passion is to connect people and companies we know and like to other people and companies we know and like, we asked everyone to put into the chat the link to their LinkedIn profile. This allows for quick and simple connecting and facilitates future follow up.

We opened the event sharing industry updates, news, and/or gossip that anyone wanted to bring up. Chris shared that GLSA has contracted with two new clients: Validcare and Cool Chain to help the in their promotional and sales efforts. Validcare is disrupting clinical research with an all digital approach and fixed price study management. Cool Chain has shipping containers that can maintain a specified internal container temperature for 120 hours, be that sub zero frozen, frozen, refrigerated or room temperature. One of our clients Heal Mary, a SaaS AI enhanced patient recruiting platform has been awarded a project from a company we introduced them to and that will begin in February.

The group chose not to go into smaller breakout sessions, so we stayed in one room and talked about the holidays and what people’s plans were. We acknowledged the industry begins to get quite busy by the third week of January and we’re bracing for it. 


Mike Burrows Burrows Life Sciences Associates, PLC
Arti Bhosale Sieve Health
Duncan Shaw DTS Language Services
Nancy Zeleniak Atrium Health
Debbie McCoy Business Development Consultant
Michael Young biomedwoRx; Life Sciences Consulting
Eric Nier Block Clinical
Erica Hill Marketing Consultant
Judy Carmody Carmody Quality Solutions
Charles Speno TrialX
Holly Jochims Adaptive Clinical Systems
Kim Lupo Portrett Pharmaceuticals
Nadia Bracken Clinical Operations Director
Shruti Vashisht Software Development
Chris Clancy Medidata
Jon Matheus A.T. Pancrazi Real Estate
Ori Geshury Mirraponte
Liz Mirra Mirraponte
Loretta Dubray Global Clinical Connections
Mike O’Gorman Life Science Marketplace
Candy Dupree Adam’s Bridge Global

GLSA Attendees:

Denise McNerney
Chris Matheus
Joe Buser
Megan Hoffman
Charity Dube
Hannah LLoyd
Sally Haller
Timmina Williams
Holly Cliffe

A few screenshots from the event are below:

Screen shot #4
Screen Shot #3
Screen shot #2
Screen shot #1

October Networking Summary

The GLSA | FOCM Networking event that took place on October 19, 2022 was well attended with 17 participants.  

With Chris Matheus returning from a trip to Arizona, Denise awkwardly tried to lead the group. After a bit of a rough start, she improved vastly and we’re all quite proud of her ability to make lemons out of limes. 

A discussion about decentralized trials and the use of medical professionals to make patient visits proved interesting. Ellen Weiss with PCM Trials discussed how they have played a pivotal role in the use of Certified Mobile Research Nurses.

Michael Young added more good words. 

It was nice to have Michelle Ashton and her colleague Sarah Buchholz from IssueTrak join. Michelle worked with GLSA in its early days and we’re big fans of her work ethic and talents. 

Let’s continue to reinforce our collective goal to improve patients’ lives across the globe. If you would like to present on an educational life sciences topic and spur our discussions, please leave a comment below and I’ll reach out as soon as possible.

Attendees (first time attendees in bold):
Heather Hollick; Founder of Rizers LLC; Author of “Helpful, A guide to life, careers and the art of networking”
Arti Bhosale, CEO, Sieve Health
Michael Braddock II, Chief Revenue Officer, Frontier Scientific Solutions
Ellen Weiss, Vice President, PCM Trials
Ryan McCarthy, Government Markets Manager, Velocity BioGroup
Edwin Gershom, Business Development Manager, Noble Life Sciences
Candy Dupree, National Sales Director, AdamsBridge Global
Michelle Ashton, Business Development Manager, IssueTrak
Sarah Buchholz, Digital Marketing Strategist, IssueTrak
Michael Young, Founder & Principal, biomedwoRx
Brian Langin, Business Development Consultant
Ravi Luthra, Clinical Research Coordinator

Joe Buser
Holly Cliffe
Denise McNerney
Sally Haller
Megan Hoffman

A few screenshots are below:

Screen shot #1
Screen Shot #2
Screen Shot #3
Screen shot #4